World War II Medal of Honor Receipients

The citations are a must read.  The actions of these men are almost unbelievable.  Many of these were presented posthumously and only one man is still alive today (Major Jay Zeamer). Please visit the official website of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Addison E. Baker, Lt Col

Darrell R. Lindsey, Captain
Richard Bong, Major  Archibald Mathies, Sergeant
Horace S. Carswell, Jr, Major Jack W. Mathis, 1st Lt
Ralph Cheli, Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr, Major
Demas T. Craw, Colonel William E. Metzger, Jr., 2nd Lt
James H. Doolittle, Brig Gen Edward S. Michael, 1st Lt
Henry E. Erwin, Staff Sergeant John C. Morgan, 2nd Lt
Robert E. Fomoyer, 2nd Lt Harl Pease, Jr., Captain
Donald J. Gott, 1st Lt Donald D. Pucket, 1st Lt
Pierpont M. Hamilton, Major Joseph R. Sarnoski, 2nd Lt
James H. Howard, Lt Colonel William A. Shomo, Major
Lloyd H. Hughes, 2nd Lt Maynard H. Smith, Sergeant
John L. Jerstad, Major Walter E. Truemper, 2nd Lt 
Leon W. Johnson, Colonel Leon R. Vance, Jr., Lt Col
John R. Kane, Colonel Forrest T. Vosler, Tech Sergeant
Neel E. Kearby, Colonel Kenneth N. Walker, Brig Gen
David R. Kingsley, 2nd Lt Raymond H. Wilkins, Major
Raymond L. Knight, 1st Lt Jay Zeamer, Jr., Major
William R. Lawley, Jr., 1st Lt